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(Phone/Skype) of how hypnotherapy can best help you to create change and overcome your challenges …it may just make the difference!

Free Yourself - Be your best version.

You were born with a clean slate, with the freedom to fulfil your potential. Along the way life gives you experiences that can leave you with overwhelming feelings, emotions and negative thought patterns that you just don’t know what to do with them.

It is in the subconscious mind where all the memories are held. It is the feelings and emotions felt in the body that reminds you of those memories being replayed.

I often hear people say “I have these feelings and thoughts I don’t like but I don’t know what to do with them.” That is where I come in. Working at a subconscious level to release these unwanted emotions and thoughts to create change, frees you to move forward to live your life how you want to live it.

Since obtaining a Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy, Andrea Lane has evolved into being more than a hypnotherapist that started her career in Mental Health over 35 years ago. Andrea works successfully with an integrated approach that attracts clients from South Australia, throughout the Western District and the Mallee region, of all ages to her Woodford and Warrnambool based practices.

Andrea assists people in all areas relating to the mind, emotions, physical and spiritual wellbeing. Such as: anxiety, depression, trauma, relationship issues, spiritual issues, stress, smoking, addictions, weight management, habits patterns, fertility, birthing, fears and phobias.

Andrea is empathetic and offers a positive, caring, nurturing environment where people feel safe, heard and understood. It is in this supportive collaborative therapeutic relationship that empowers people to process, release, heal and gain greater insights into themselves. The result is that they change the way they feel about themselves and life events.

Ask yourself, ‘When is enough, is enough?’. How much longer do I want to live feeling and thinking this way? When you decide you are ready, then I am here. We can work together to put you in the drivers seat of your own change. To transform old wiring to new wiring, so that you to think, feel and live your life with a new perspective, greater insights and resources to fulfil your potential.


Habits & Addictions – Breaking the emotional dependency

Smoking Drugs Alcohol Nail Biting Trichomania Gambling Other A habit or an addiction could be viewed as a..

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Weight Management – Balanced living for a health and wellbeing lifestyle

Sugar Cravings Overweight Underweight Virtual Gastric Banding Anorexia Bulimia Most people know what to do, but just can’t..

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Fertility & Hypnobirthing –
Guiding the mind as your body knows how to do it.

Fertility: It is important to acknowledge the importance of the mind/body connection in the process of conceiving. The..

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Trauma & PTSD – Leaving the past behind to live in the present

We all have experiences that create memories which are stored in various interconnecting regions of our brain as..

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Relationships – Begin with the relationship with yourself

The environment you grow up in and the subsequent life experiences create a map by which you live..

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Group Workshops & Courses

Easing the Anxious Mind. The course consists of six weekly sessions for children and adults. The time frame..

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Suicide Prevention and support services for those experiencing some form of trauma: 24hour / 7 days a week..

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Other – Anxiety, Depression, Cancer & Chronic Diseases, Pain Management

Anxiety Depression Cancer & Chronic Diseases Pain Management It is said that life happens while you live it...

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Workshops & Programs

Sessions & Individual Programs

The time frame of creating change is very individual and therefore a general guide is given here for the benefit of providing information that allows you to plan your change.

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Compassionate Tapping

First Aid 4 The Soul
Compassionate Tapping integrates a number of techniques that can bring about major changes and profound healing at a very deep level that addresses psychological issues and patterns of behaviour.

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Extended Individually Designed Programs:

Extended Individual Programs are tailored to meet individual needs that results in a desired outcome. Permanent change of complex issues such as PTSD,

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Break Through Sessions

These sessions are where we collaborate in a therapeutic healing environment to create significant shifts in a condensed period of time, to release blocks,

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What is Hypnotherapy:

Hypnotherapy is:
Hypnosis with therapeutic techniques and Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) to assist you make desired changes. It is a very natural trance like state that alters the frequency of the brainwaves from an active alert conscious state into a very relaxed meditative state where we can directly communicate with the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind is literally our supercomputer that stores patterns of behaviour and belief systems we have developed over time. That is why hypnosis is so quick to change those unwanted, undesired behaviour patterns and resulting emotions.

NLP is:
A system of working with the mind, its programming and the mental pathways of our senses. By working with the belief systems, patterns of behaviour, the way the brain stores and retrieves information, gestures, postures, the language we use and our senses, NLP is often able to quickly help you make changes at a subconscious level.

Visual Emotional Repatterning System (VER)-The Bi-lateral Five Eye Movement Process Andrea completed EMDR training in England and has used Bi-lateral Eye Movement and stimulation effectively within her practice with clients achieving great results. Over time the bi- lateral eye stimulation was adapted to become Visual Emotional Re-patterning (VER) that can be used effectively within the hypnosis process or outside of it.

Our body is incredibly engineered so that within us all there is a system that is geared on a physiological level to process information to bring about balance and a good state of mental health. Normally negative emotions through this adaptive process are released, learning takes place and they are integrated to be available for future use. Where emotional events occur such as with trauma or stress, this system could possibly become unbalanced.

It has been noted that the use of bi-lateral stimulation through the eyes or other means can assist in creating change by processing and releasing stored information and emotions from the mind and body.

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Begin your change now.

(Phone/Skype) of how hypnotherapy can best help you to create change and overcome your challenges …it may just make the difference!